COSMIC TANTRA  -google translation

COSMIC TANTRA is UNIQUE in the channel, harmonize and transform the flow of life energy / Sexual
Therefore in addition to helping to control stress, plays a good prevention for many disorders of psycho – somatic.
It also, if well implemented, allows entering, after the so-called awakening of Kundalini , in touch with themselves, in a dimension of CONSCIOUSNESS more extensive and of great inner JOY.
Is undertaken in such a way process TRANSFORMATION inward, until the perception of their SE as a single whole ‘ONE BODY , MIND and SPIRIT .


COSMIC TANTRA showed us how important it is to enjoy healthy sex . At the same time, this can be difficult because we are tuned to the magnetic grid of the earth.

Because there are many illusory beliefs about sex and even a fairly large amount of trauma and drama associated with sex.

It is therefore likely to sexual relations, sometimes the experience can cause physical pain or mental. There are many people on this planet that suffers.

A pain that may be associated with you or not. The layer of sexuality in ‘ Field collective is particularly strong, because it affects all people and consists of pure creative power of sexual energy.

Sexuality is about to change in the new era so that the energies that flow through our body during sex, are transformed into energy of divine sexuality.


COSMIC offer TANTRA to support you, to heal and transform sexuality, while you heal at the same time on the planet and in the Collective Consciousness of humanity transforms and heals Sexuality.

Now is the time to release your sexual energy!


We are asked to heal all layers associated with sexuality, both individually and collectively in the grid of the earth.

During 2014 we will be working intensively on the healing of sexuality, integrate our lightholographic .

Along the way we explore to experience the essence to release the power and sexuality divine healing.


Please note that COSMIC Tantra does not present any new technique of sex, but it only works inside the ‘sexual energy, both individual and collective energy fields.

COSMIC TANTRA unites and begins to transmute your sexuality to bring more of those experiences sexual desires from the depths of your true ESSENCE.

COSMIC Tantra leads through some situations in which you connected the sexuality with the drama and trauma. Then, you start to send the light of healing and transformation to all similar situations.

With all your strength, you can free humanity from all models sexual unhealthy.

COSMIC TANTRA takes you on a journey, to relieve your sexual energies of past experiences with sexuality , becoming aware of yourself together with your soul.


So get well and you leave this experience and any link between you and the others who are taking part.

COSMIC TANTRA takes you through a journey, to expand your consciousness and desired design while your soul, heal your essence and expands your potential in life.

EVERYTHING is based on five pillars, which must be balanced, so that a company works harmoniously.


These pillars are: politics, religion / spirituality, training, research / science and nutrition. Each of these pillars has its own illusions about sexuality. It will pass through to release the energies of sexuality in any of the columns.

COSMIC Tantra has created a new level of divine sexuality at the Magnetic Grid World.


COSMIC TANTRA starts an important path to create a nice lightweight body designed for a divine sexuality.

Working through these Light Bodies , expands and strengthens the sexual energy into a new layer of Sexuality in the Grid Earth .


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