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We have grown accustomed to the fact that our body gets sick, wears itself out, grows old and in the end stops working. We think that this is normal and nature planned it that way. But the truth is that we are the only race in the universe that dies after a short while. We are the only race that gets ill and old. But this is not natural. All this is artificial.


Hostile races who have been living off our energies until now, who have sucked our subtle energies from us, developed artificial systems in order to make us weak and mortal. The era of those beings is coming to an end now and we are able to bring our energy system back to its natural order. This means: no sickness, no ageing, no death. Already aged bodies regenerate and get young again.

The animals and plants are also manipulated and have to be healed again. It is our choice to design new plants; but not through genetic manipulation but through subtle changes in the energy body of the plants, if the plant’s soul agrees.

There is still work to be done in order to get rid of all negative beings for good. After that, a massive healing- and blockage-removing operation is due. This includes that all people wake up and understand the manipulation they are in and to realize that they can live in total health and abundance. This also includes digging free all abilities; abilities which they believe only to exist in the cinema.

March 18, 2014



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