self pleasure

Self-awareness means just that-you are aware of, and can focus on, yourself. You give top priority to the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, soul-level, and spiritual aspects of your being. Furthermore, you take responsibility for your own safety and growth.

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.

Although the question concerning how to find the “perfect partner” is often raised, the answer lies in loving and respecting yourself-first. As you heal your issues and become healthier, you’ll feel happier and more attractive. When you feel good about yourself, it sends out positive “vibes” that are appealing to healthier partners. Then, if and when you do choose to relate with another, you’ll have a much better chance of developing a rewarding relationship from a solid foundation. As you get to know yourself, you will discover personal, preconceived beliefs about love, romance, and sex. Whether conscious or not, these preconceptions definitely have an effect on your existing relationships and on those you will attract in the future. Consequently, without the necessary self-awareness, healing, and growth, changing relationships can be like changing places of residence. You always end up having more “baggage” than you thought.


You can never truly give to another, what you have not accepted for yourself. So, the ability to fully give your body to a partner in sexual intimacy depends upon your ability to completely accept your body. In other words, if you want your partner to accept your body, you must first accept it yourself. You must also see yourself as loveable and worthy of acceptance.

If  you don’t have love for yourself, you can’t be loving to others.

There are both positive and negative aspects of self-pleasuring. With the proper focus and intent, self-pleasuring is an act of self-love. It is an effective method for awakening one’s physical and spiritual
level of consciousness as well as for relaxing, learning, exploring, and awakening repressed parts of the sexual anatomy. When used properly, self-stimulation can ignite powerful surges that awaken energetic ecstasy. Also, for individuals who have issues with self-love, pleasuring themselves can be a means of developing self-acceptance.

Self-pleasuring also has its darker, addictive side. Although it is quite natural for a person to stimulate and explore his or her own body, masturbation has become a rampant addiction (repetitive attempts to fill a perceived void) for many men and a growing one for women. Men have gained a reputation for browsing the internet for porn sights to appease their need for a sexual release. Women, on the other hand, are becoming accustomed to reaching for a vibrator to assist their pleasuring. But if vibrators are used excessively, it can result in their bodies’ refusing to respond to any other form of stimulation, such as touch or intercourse. This dependency on a mechanical device is counterproductive to the goal of intimacy and sacred sexuality.

Good hygiene is an important part of getting in touch with your body and your sexuality. There are several aspects of personal cleanliness that are invaluable, including oral, genital, and overall body hygiene. Cleanliness in all of these areas is essential in the art of sacred sexuality. Your body should have the scent of someone who takes care of himself or herself.


for my beloved SI -STARS

Akasha AnneMarie





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