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ALL that there is… is CONSCIOUSNESS and ENERGY … .That what we see are  HOLOGRAMS   !!!!


After many years of a personal and spiritual  journey  i experienced a NDE (Near Death Experience) with a COSMIC WALK IN .  I  raised  up my Frequencies (FIELD VIBRATIONAL) so high that  the people with whom i am in contact may perceive and feel that ‘Energy’.


Consequently, your frequency will increase by taking you in a very high state of psychological wellbeing . A state of ecstasy and joy. Every day i am simultaneously in other spaces and dimensions. 

The contact with the Sisters and Brothers of GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT has become my purpose in life and my work. Several times I visit their  Plasma spaceships for formations and extraordinary experiences. I am also connected to inter-dimensional structures after an ‘intervention’of my spine. By this time I tried the ability as  an UNIVERSAL / COSMIC HEALER.

I am a MULTIDIMENSIONAL  PORTAL  24 hours 7 days. and i live only for the transformation of the planet and its systems, receiving and transmitting  COSMIC ENERGY and  CODES.

I’m giving my HEART, MIND, SOUL  and INTELLIGENCE for this process  of TRANSFORMATION / MUTATION.


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